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The Gardens


With an area of over 500 square metres, the pool that dominates the house is an ornamental sheet of water, such as those found in the Alhambra in Granada, that reflects the building and the linden trees that surround it.


The magnificent porch includes an outdoor fireplace and a space for open-air lunches and gatherings.


The Quinta is surrounded by lush gardens, with fountains and pathways shaded by trellises of roses and jasmine.  Pomegranate, lemon and orange trees abound, perfuming the air with orange blossoms in the springtime and providing abundant fruit.


The garden is divided into structured flower beds where, hidden behind the gaura (beeblossom) plants, with their fuschia-colored blossoms, you can find ancient olive trees that have clung to the terrain for over 800 years, as well as mimosas, linden trees and Japanese maples, among other varieties of trees and shrubs.


Another section of the garden is devoted entirely to roses, which supply the house with fresh flowers. 

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