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The Quinta de Cadima is tucked away in a small village in the Coimbra district of Portugal, 20 minutes from the Atlantic coast.  The Oporto Airport is an hour by car on the motorway.


The Quinta occupies 50.000 square metres of beautifully-landscaped terrain with fountains, pools and tree-lined walks, shaded by trellises and grapevines that surround the majestic main building. With an area of over 2,000 square metres, the Quinta maintains the style of traditional Portuguese construction, but with a modern air, and strongly influenced by the arquitecture of Granada.


La Quinta may be rented for a minumum of three days. The suites may not be rented separately; the maximum number of guests is eight.


For further information on prices, availability and conditions, please send an e.mail to

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